Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Baby kids so lovely

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Every parent wants their child to look absolutely adorable for family holiday parties and greeting card pictures, but kids can look cute without wearing sweaters that have tinsel or a 3-D Rudolph nose attached to them. Unless you won’t your little one to resent you for dressing them in embarrassing faux pas holiday attire, be sure to follow these kids’ fashion tips!

Don’t give in to cliches. Avoid forcing cliche color combos like green and red on your child, and remember that one over-the-top accessory or clothing choice per party is more than enough – don’t overload your child’s outfit with crazy holiday accessories just because you think they’re cute!
Stop decorating your child like a tree. Your child deserves to shine, but that doesn’t mean you can outfit her in sequined leggings, glittery shoes, a metallic shirt, and a shiny necklace. Tinsel is for the tree, not your daughter’s ensemble.
Plan ahead. Look over your party invites and lay out an outfit for each one well in advance. Make the determination process fun for your little one by encouraging them to put on a fashion show and try out all the options first.
Make sure they’ll be warm enough. The cold weather means your child is probably going to need some legwear and a warm top.
Let them look normal. Children should look nice for the holidays, but they should also still look like themselves. Keep things simple, and don’t let them think that they don’t look nice on a daily basis. Choose between changing their hairstyle, giving them makeup, or dressing them in a fancy outfit – picking more than one is not necessary.
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