Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ana Ha, post photos "take a selfie"

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According to the share from a 21-year-old long-legged named, post photos "take a selfie" on individual pages even more money for 4 days as a fashion model. Young model Gabrielle Epstein Young model Ana Ha, from the Gold Coast to own an Instagram account has about 700 thousand followers. This page is not just a place for her to show off pictures but also "stuff bread" very powerful. By posting pictures on purpose, she can earn thousands of dollars. Gabrielle Epstein extract resources from social networks much longer than the amount of money she made advertisements for brands. Therefore, people called her a "social model '.

 The reason for the concept of "social model" is because when someone with social networking accounts to track multiple objects as 100 thousand people click "follow" on Instagram, the label will pay special attention to. Favorite brands advertising on the pages of the "social networking star" by effectively spreading very strong.

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